The fine folk over at Compulsion Games have just announced that they are bringing Arcade Mode to We Happy Few and with Arcade Mode there are three new ways to experience the indie darling.


A return to the Early Access survival experience, designed for players that enjoyed the survival experience in the past. Players will hunt for food, water, and shelter, and you’ll need to use all of the skills at your disposal to last as long as you can in Wellington Wells.

Night’s Watch

Night’s Watch delivers an experience based around one of the most requested features within the community, allowing players to play as the most notorious Bobby, Constable Constable. As a constable, and a man of high duty, players will need to keep all the filthy Downers out of town through fast-paced combat while making sure they themselves, do not run out of Joy.


Sandbox is a non-narrative/non-goal based game mode, which allows players to experiment with world generation systems and gameplay options. This isn’t a skill based mode rather than a calmer experience, designed for players who want the freedom to create their own version Wellington Wells.

For those unfamiliar with We Happy Few check out the initial launch trailer below:


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