Stage 2 kicks off April 5th 00:00 BST, or April 4th 19:00 PST with a match between New York Excelsior and Philadelphia Fusion. With this, it’s a good time to take a look back at stage one and look forward to what stage 2 offers.

The inaugural season saw many teams struggle with the tank heavy GOAT’s composition, consisting of three tanks and three supports. Teams like New York Excelsior, San Francisco Shock and Philadelphia Fusion adapted well to this showing how flexible their players could be while also making it to the playoffs. Many of the new expansion teams also stepped up with Atlanta Reign, Toronto Defiant and Vancouver Titans making it to the playoffs, showing that they too were OWL material. Vancouver Titans then went on to win the first stage, boldly planting themselves as a team not to mess with.

Although a good majority of the teams were able to adapt, there were still some teams that struggled heavily, this included the inaugural season champions London Spitfire and the fan favourite Huston Outlaws as well as the newly revamped and roster upgraded Florida Mayhem, who ended up handing Shanghai Dragons their first win of the Overwatch League. This stage highlighted the teams that were flexible, challenging many DPS players to pick up Zarya and Brigette, forcing them into roles that many clearly didn’t favour.

Stage Two is looking to be a completely different landscape, however, with the game being played on the patch 1.34. this has introduced nerfs to many of the crucial Goats components, with Zarya doing less damage to armour, Lucio having his speed nerfed and Zenyatta’s discord buffing less damage for the rest of his team. Meanwhile on the flip side of the coin, heroes like Soldier, Mei and Doomfist have had buffs that will more than likely lead to them becoming more viable. Although this doesn’t completely dismantle and doom the GOAT’s comp, it will allow for so much more creativity when creating new compositions and could lead to the unchaining of DPS players like profit and birding of the London Spitfire for example. The triple tank triple support comp will more than likely be played on tank centered maps instead, like that of Kings Row for instance which lends itself to a Reinhardt/Zarya centered composition. Along with all of these balancing changes to characters, Baptise will also be part of the stage 2 roster.

The teams are going to have adapted heavily to the change in meta and in turn we could see some of the weaker teams of stage one flourish into strong competitors. The meta will more than likely shift back to one of heavy DPS involvement, allowing for teams like London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws to shine once again. For now, however, we will have to wait and see what the pros decide to play and utilise throughout stage two.



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